8.55 – 9.2 Upgrade Changes

If you are planning to upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.2 AND PeopleTools 8.55, there are changes in the upgrade process.

First, the PeopleTools upgrade is now a separate step. In the past, you could upgrade PeopleTools and the Application in one pass. Starting in 8.55, PeopleTools will be a separate pass. If you look at the FSCM 9.2 upgrade page, the 8.55 upgrade template has only the Application steps. To upgrade PeopleTools, you will generate the upgrade template from Change Assistant.

Second, the databases used in the upgrade process has changed. You no longer use a Copy of Current Demo to create the UPGCUST project. Instead, an app engine will create the UPGCUST project. The app engine will compare the LASTUPDOPRID for the objects and if the user is not PPLSOFT it will be added to the UPGCUST project. One impact, if you’ve deleted delivered objects from the system, you won’t see those in the compare report. (Not sure why you would do that, so this shouldn’t be an issue for you).

Third, you also need a PeopleSoft Image database for the Initial Pass. When you generate the Application Upgrade job in Change Assistant, you will also get a separate change package with all the Required for Upgrade fixes. These come from the PeopleSoft Image. To get a picture of how the new upgrade process works, the PeopleTools 8.55 PeopleBooks has a diagram on the process.    

7 thoughts on “8.55 – 9.2 Upgrade Changes

  1. We’re about to start a 9.1 to 9.2 HCM upgrade and will also do a 8.53 to 8.55 tools upgrade. I’m curious, do you think the new process is better (I.E. easier) than the old methodology?

  2. Hi Kevin – I don’t know if I can say one method is better than the other. The Upgrade Source database you choose will determine which method you use. If you are using HR Image 16, you’ll need to use the new methodology because the upgrade jobs are generated in the PUM.

    If you are using HR image 9 (I think that is the prior upgrade source), you may be able to upgrade using the old method. But, you may run into issues with the upgrade template since it was built to run on PeopleTools 8.54, not 8.55.

    Here are a few pro’s and con’s I see on the new method:

    1. Pro – The separate PeopleTools upgrade is nice for developers. In the upgrade process, you can take a backup of the database after the Tools upgrade, but before your HR upgrade. This gives you a 9.1 app database on 8.55 for developers to use for retrofitting/dev/etc.
    2. Pro – The required for upgrade patches are generated in the PUM process when you create the upgrade template.
    3. Pro – You don’t need a copy of HR 9.1 Demo for the upgrade. This may or may not be an issue for you, but some places don’t have a clean demo to use for the upgrade compare report.
    4. Con – the separate Tools and App upgrades could make the Go-Live window longer. One advantage of the older method is that the MVPRDE scripts will export the entire source database (Tools and App metadata).

    My opinion, choose where you want to end up with the upgrade (which Image you want to go live on) and let that drive the upgrade method.

  3. We are planning to upgrade from app release 9.2.000 to 9.2.018 and Tools from 8.53.17 to 8.55.09. What is your advice or experience if we upgrade tools first and then PUM afterwards? Or if we can upgrade both at the same time. Do you have a preference? What are the pros/cons? Thanks Dan

    1. I’m doing something very similar: 9.20.009 to 9.20.020 and Tools 8.53.17 to Tools 8.55.xx. I just finished my initial passes and did Tools first and then the PUM in two separate Change Assistant jobs.

      1. Hi Jeremy,

        I have just started the upgrade and i am stuck in the middle as i couldnt find any template to upgrade my people tools from 8.53 to 8.55. Can you please help me or guide me to find the template. It will be a great help for me.

        Thanks in advance,

        1. Shefin, I would start on the PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.55 Upgrade Home Page (Doc ID 2070772.1). There’s a Change Package there. Also, you can do the upgrade using the DPKs (there’s a link to those instructions on the same Doc ID page).

          Unfortunately, my upgrade project was cancelled late last year as we got busy with other unforseen issues (not necessarily PeopleSoft-related). I hope to have more time this year to finally upgrade and get current on everything.

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