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Using ElasticHQ to Monitor Elasticsearch

There are a variety of ways to monitor Elasticsearch with PeopleSoft. You can use the Health Center, use the Elasticsearch Interact page, make API calls. But my favorite tool to keep an Elasticsearch is ElasticHQ. ElasticHQ is an open source plugin that you can easily install into Elasticsearch. There are two ways to install ElasticHQ:... Continue reading

Enable Fluid Navigation

If you are on PeopleTools 8.55 or later, Fluid Navigation is enabled by default. But, there are ways to revert back to the Drop-Down Navigation. If you have kept the Drop-Down navigation and want to revert back to Fluid Navigation, there are three configuration changes to make: Navigate to “PeopleTools > Portal > Branding >... Continue reading

psadmin.conf: Career

The last talk from psadmin.conf is available! Wayne Fuller shares his thoughts on the future of PeopleSoft Administration and what admins can do to adjust and adapt the changes in PeopleSoft. We have released the videos as a free course so you can find the videos in one place. Head over to the courses... Continue reading

psadmin.conf: Security

The third set of psadmin.conf videos are available! Security in an important part of administering PeopleSoft. Brad Carlson and Ruth Dodson share how to apply CPU patches in 21 days. Nate Werner discusses advanced security tools that admins should know about. Greg Wendt explains how the ERP Firewall can protect PeopleSoft and Guru Naranaswamy shows... Continue reading

psadmin.conf: Development

The second set of psadmin.conf videos are available! These videos are two Blitz Talks on Development. Staci Ludwig shares 10 things you need to know about Nodes and Kyle Benson shares a project that helps integrate Git and App Designer. We have released the videos as a free course so you can find the videos... Continue reading

psadmin.conf: Automation

The first set of psadmin.conf videos are available! The first batch of videos are focuses on automation for PeopleSoft Administration. Charlie Sinks talks about using Rundeck with PeopleSoft and Peyton Colburn shares how he expanded Hiera beyond psft_customizations.yaml. We have released the videos as a free course so you can find the videos in one... Continue reading

Using Puppet Environments with the DPK

Since the Deployment Packages were released with PeopleTools 8.55, one of my criticisms has been that the DPK is a bit of a sledgehammer. If you define multiple PeopleSoft environments on a server and you want to configure one web server, ALL the domains that the DPK knows about are shut down. Puppet has an... Continue reading


#342 – .ociclirc

This week on the podcast, Kyle talks about the oci-cli tool and how has customized its behavior using the .ociclirc file. Dan shares two of his DPK modules that work with OCI to support tags and building failover strings for the web server. The PeopleSoft Administrator Podcast is hosted by Dan Iverson and Kyle Benson.... Continue reading

#341 – PeopleTools Pathway

This week on the podcast, Kyle and Dan about the future pathways to take to make sure you are taking advantage of the PeopleTools platform. The PeopleSoft Administrator Po dcast is hosted by Dan Iverson and Kyle Benson. Show Notes PeopleTools Pathway  References Links: