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New PeopleTools Upgrade Projects

It’s a sad day for poor project PPLTLS84CUR. For PeopleTools upgrades they used to be the star of the show, but no longer. Starting in PeopleTools 8.60, PeopleTools upgrades will move to a “delta project” approach. Details of this change can be found in MOS Doc ID 2910205.1. E-UPG: New PeopleTools 8.60 Upgrade Projects –... Continue reading

Monitoring PeopleSoft Uptime with Heartbeat

Heartbeat is a lightweight utility from Elasticsearch that can help you monitor the status and uptime of different applications. In our case, we can use Heartbeat to tell us if a PeopleSoft environment is available or not. Using HTTP monitors, Heartbeat can request a specific URL and evaluate the response. While other utilities can do... Continue reading

Rootless Podman on Oracle Linux

This is one of those blog posts I write for myself because I want it to show up when I Google this the next time. When playing around with new containers there are lots of options, but at work I have access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and it’s so easy to spin up a new... Continue reading

OCI – 03 – Build a VCN

If you want to catch up on the project, you can get the last posts’ code here: Virtual Cloud Networks The first resource we will build for our Minecraft project is a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN). A VCN is a software-based network we create in our tenancy. You can create multiple VCN’s in your tenancy... Continue reading

OCI – 02a – Bash Prompt

After creating a Git repository to track our first Terraform project, I updated my bash prompt to show me the git branch. This information is only shown when we are in Git repository and makes is easy to see which branch your working on. This change is a bigger than just updating the PS1 variable,... Continue reading

OCI – 02 – Connecting Terraform

In our fresh tenancy, the first thing we’ll do is connect Terraform. We will use Terraform to build resources as a first option, and a CLI as the second option. This will help enforce an Infrastructure-as-Code deployment. Before we write any code we need to create a Git repository to track our code. There will... Continue reading

OCI – 01 – Setting Up a New Tenancy

Recently, I created a new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment and decided to document the steps I went through to go from a brand-new tenancy to a functioning PeopleSoft environment. These blog posts can service as a guide for administrators who are new to OCI, or for experienced administrators who want to look at a different... Continue reading

Themes for PeopleTools 8.60

We have released new branding themes for PeopleTools 8.60! The new themes use colors that better match the new Redwood UI color palette, and the underlying stylesheets use the new CSS variables in 8.60. There are 10 colors to choose from in this release. But, it’s also very easy to change the colors, or even... Continue reading

psadmin.conf 2023 Registration is Open!

You can now register for psadmin.conf 2023! Click here to see more information and register. psadmin.conf is a conference specifically for PeopleSoft Administrators. The conference features talks from expert admins on a variety of topics, as well as hands-on training from Oracle ACEs. The goal of the conference is to expand your knowledge of PeopleSoft... Continue reading