#255 – Rundeck Script Management

This week on the podcast, Kyle and Dan discuss Rundeck and how to manage scripts used by Rundeck, share their virtual meeting tips, get back on the conference speaking circuit.

Show Notes

Upcoming Speaking Sessions

Hello there! Just a quick update to let you know Dan and Kyle have some upcoming speaking sessions. These are some great sessions, so make sure to register and check them out!

#254 – Vagabond Updates

This week on the podcast, Kyle and Dan discuss Cloud Managers Start/Stop feature, Dan shares some Vagabond project updates, then they discuss the benefits of simple systems.

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#252 – Elasticsearch Direct Transfer

This week on the podcast, Kyle and Dan talk about Elasticsearch Direct Transfer architecture and a few edge cases with the setup. They also remind everyone about mosbot, and also talk about accessing metadata on OCI instances.

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#251 – Developer to PM w/ Thamizh Saminathan

This week on the podcast, we talk with Thamizh Saminathan about his transition from a developer to project manager. Kyle and I have worked with Thamizh closely over the last 10 years and wanted to share his experience and the lessons he learned while moving from an developer to a project manager.

Show Notes

  • Introducing Thamizh @ 2:00
  • Starting as a Developer @ 4:45
  • Working with a Strong Project Manager @ 11:00
  • First Technical Lead Experience @ 15:00
  • Learning How to Be a Tech Lead @ 22:30
  • Becoming a Project Manager @ 27:30
  • Project Manager Skillsets @ 32:30

#250 – Pre-Production

This week on the podcast, Dan and Kyle discuss autonomous database and linux support with PeopleSoft, Kyle shares some follow-up on Instance Pools, and Dan explains why a Pre-Production environment is important.

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#249 – App Designer Crash Logs

This week on the podcast, Dan shares a tip to generate App Designer crash logs, Kyle talks about adapting and learning to new technologies and some tips for using the OCI CLI.

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#248 – Proxy Craziness

This week on the podcast, Dan talks about using ACM for basic configuration and his tips for using proxies to debug search and IB issues. Kyle shares how he used Terraform and Resource Manager to auto-deploy Cloud Manager.

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#247 – Cloud Manager Kit

This week on the podcast, Dan talks about a contextual Nav Bar idea and then he and Kyle discuss the idea of using the Cloud Manager libraries for general automation.

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