#297 – Rundeck and AJP

The PeopleSoft Administrator Podcast hosted by Dan Iverson and Kyle Benson

This week on the podcast, Dan talks about using Phire to compare with PeopleSoft Images, Dan and Kyle discuss some of the Lifecycle changes with PeopleTools, and then Kyle talks about using AJP with Rundeck.

Show Notes

#38 – Automation and more w/ Nate Werner

This week we interview Nate Werner. Nate talks about many of the unique solutions he created to make this PeopleSoft environments secure, standardized and automated. We cover a lot of topics and Nate shows why he is a top-notch PS Admin!

We want to make this podcast part of the community discussion on PeopleSoft administration. If you have comments, feedback, or topics you’d like us to talk about, we want to hear from you! You can email us at podcast@psadmin.io, tweet us at @psa_io, or use the Twitter hashtag #psadminpodcast.

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Show Notes

  • Supporting CS and Integration Hub setup @ 3:00
  • Shibboleth and Oracle Traffic Director @ 7:30
  • Sign-in As @ 10:30
  • Experience with GH ERP Firewall @ 12:30
  • 2 Factor Auth @ 14:30
  • Ansible Automation and Standardization @ 18:15
  • Automating PeopleSoft Image Deployment @ 26:00
  • Stacking Application Architecture @ 30:00
  • Supporting Students v. Business Users @ 35:00
  • Supporting Mobile and Branding @ 37:00
  • Database Consolidation @ 38:45
  • Managing Releases and Downtime @ 43:30
  • Managing Files without Server Access @ 47:00
  • Everything as a Share/Mount @ 48:45
  • Smart Automation @ 56:00
  • Learning Puppet/Embracing DevOps @ 58:15