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Mastering Deployment Packages


Advanced DPK Posts

After you complete the DPK Quickstart Course, check out these posts to learn more about Deployment Packages.

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Vagabond is a project to help more easily create and manage PeopleSoft PUM environments on your local machine by using Vagrant. Once downloaded and configured, running vagrant up from within your Vagabond instance will…

  • Download, configure, and start a base OEL or Windows (evaluation) Virtual Machine for use with the PUM
  • Download the PUM DPK files from Oracle Support
  • Unpack the DPK setup zip file and run the psft-dpk-setup script on the VM
  • Copy the psft_customizations.yaml file from the local directory to the VM
  • Apply the DPK Puppet manifests to build out the environment and start the PUM environment

Take Control of Logs with Elasticsearch

The Logstash Filters are on GitHub. Use the filters to get a quick start on your Elastic Stack setup.

PeopleTools Patching Demo

The scripts we used for the PeopleTools Patching demo are on GitHub. Feel free to download these and use them as a template for automating your PeopleTools patching.

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