#303 – Portal Registry Migrations

This week on the podcast, Kyle talks about challenges with migrating Portal Registry objects, getting free OCI training and certification, and some tips for making SQL Developer faster.

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#298 – Git Patching

This week on the podcast, Kyle explains the new SPB and SPBAT tools for WebLogic patching, Dan discusses the new External Data Integration for Elasticsearch, and then they talk about using Git Patches with the DPK, SQRs, and COBOL.

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#285 – Scheduler Categories

This week on the podcast, Kyle discusses cleaning up PeopleSoft Images, Dan shares an experience with ACM and schedulers, and then Dan and Kyle talk through using process categories with the Process Scheduler.

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#248 – Proxy Craziness

This week on the podcast, Dan talks about using ACM for basic configuration and his tips for using proxies to debug search and IB issues. Kyle shares how he used Terraform and Resource Manager to auto-deploy Cloud Manager.

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#220 – ACM Runs

This week on the podcast, Kyle and Dan discuss using OneNote for technical documentation and why it works for them. Dan also talk about using the ACM more with the DPK and shared some of the limitations that still exist in the ACM.

Show Notes

  • JSMPros Sound Bytes @ 2:30
  • OneNote and Documentation @ 3:30
  • ACM Deployments @ 13:00
  • ACM and IB @ 17:30
  • Separating ACM Runs in the DPK @ 28:30

#192 – Powershell and Process Scheduler

This week on the podcast, Dan talks about running scheduled ACM jobs and how that led him to build a powershell wrapper for the process scheduler. Kyle and Dan also talk about spear fishing and being hyper aware for new attacks.

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#177 – The NavBar

This week on the podcast, Kyle follows up on the Hub routings and has a use case for them, Dan shares an XML Validation tool, and then they discuss if you should use the Navigator and NavBars with Fluid Navigation.

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Advanced PeopleSoft Administration – OpenWorld 2018

This week Kyle and I presented at OpenWorld 2018. Our session talked about how to take advantage of Deployment Packages, using ACM to simplify database refreshes, using psadmin-plus, and leveraging the new headless features of Change Assistant. You can view the slides here if you want to check out the presentation.

[wonderplugin_pdf src=”https://psadmin.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Advanced-PeopleSoft-Administration-OOW18-optimized.pdf” width=”100%” height=”600px” style=”border:0;”]

#140 – robots.txt

This week on the podcast, Kyle and Dan discuss how to hide public PeopleSoft pages from search results using the robots.txt file, good ideas gone bad when debugging, and how to contribute custom ACM plugins to the community (Thanks Cory!).

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#128 – Extending PeopleSoft w/ Colton Fischer

This week on the podcast, Colton Fischer joins Dan to talk about hidden ACM plugins, using the Web Profile to extend HTML pages, and his experience working with the Page and Field Configurator.

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