#135 – The Back Button

This week, Sasank Vemana joins us to talk about the Fluid Back Button, adding Action Menu items, adding Click to Call on PeopleSoft pages, and how to handle pages within Fluid Navigation.

Enable Fluid Navigation

If you are on PeopleTools 8.55 or later, Fluid Navigation is enabled by default. But, there are ways to revert back to the Drop-Down Navigation. If you have kept the Drop-Down navigation and want to revert back to Fluid Navigation, there are three configuration changes to make:

  1. Navigate to “PeopleTools > Portal > Branding > System Branding Options” and select DEFAULT_THEME_FLUID for the “Default Branding Option”.
  2. Expand the “PeopleTools Options” Grid (this is collapsed by default) and verify the Branding Application Class:
    • Package Name: PTBR_BRANDING
    • Application Class ID: Branding
  3. Navigate to “PeopleTools > Personalization > Personalization Options” and select PPTL for the “Option Category Level”.
  4. For the User Options HPPC and HPTABLET, change the Default Value to “Fluid”. (Under the “Format” tab).

Log out of the application and log back in to see the changes.

#82 – Embracing Fluid Navigation

This week on the podcast, Kyle and Dan revisit Fluid Navigation and why they are fans of the new navigation model. Kyle shares his experiences working with the DPK and his method for managing the YAML and Puppet files on servers. Dan shares a top-notch “Dad Joke”.

Show Notes

PS Admin Fluid Tile

In Episode 82 of the PeopleSoft Administrator Podcast, Kyle and I revisited the topic of Fluid Navigation. If you haven’t listened to the discussion yet, I encourage you to head over here and listen.

Part of our change in attitude with Fluid Navigation was understanding how to use the new Navigation tools available with Fluid, especially Tiles and Navigation Collections. I talk about creating a PS Admin Fluid Tile to simplify my navigation in PeopleSoft and how I enjoy using that Tile. In the video demo below, I’ll show you how to create a PS Admin Fluid Tile so you can simplify your navigation in PeopleSoft.

Richard Wood also a great write-up on on building Fluid Tiles and Navigation Collections as well.


8.55 – Drop-Down Navigation

In a past post, I highlighted the new default navigation options with PeopleTools 8.55. For some organizations, the new Fluid Navigation might be a large change and are not ready to make the jump to Fluid. But, there is a way to keep the Classic Drop-Down menu style in PeopleTools 8.55. If you switch the System Default Theme back to the 8.54 or 8.53 stylesheets, you can use the Drop-Down menu.
1. PeopleTools > Portal > Branding > Branding System Options
2. Choose DEFAULT_THEME_TANGERINE (8.53 Look-and-Feel) or DEFAULT_THEME_TANGERINE_ALT (8.54 Look-and-Feel). You need to log out and back in to see the changes (I had to clear some browser cache too).

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 7.16.06 AM The screenshot above is from HR 9.2 Image 16 after I updated the system theme to DEFAULT_THEME_TANGERINE. One thing to note if you make this change, the default homepage is still the Fluid Homepage when you log in. The “Assign Themes” let’s you change the user homepage based on Role or Permission List if you want to make that change.