#238 – Postfix and SMTP

This week on the podcast, Dan talks about how his formative years in computing still affect him, Kyle shares some follow-up on deploying the latest PIs, and then Dan talks about using Postfix as an SMTP relay to improve email delivery in PeopleSoft.

Show Notes

#212 – Chicken and Egg

This week on the podcast, we discuss some feedback on using Shared Cache, options for non-production SMTP servers, and a chicken and egg problem with the Elasticsearch DPK silent install.

Show Notes

  • psadmin.conf 2020 Registration @ 3:00
  • Shared Cache Feedback @ 4:00
  • Clearing Shared Cache Gotcha @ 12:00
  • SMTP Configuration in Non-production @ 20:00
  • Elasticsearch Silent Install @ 27:00

SMTP Telnet Test

We are standing up a new data center and users received SMTP errors while testing. We were able to ping the server so DNS lookup and network traffic was working. But we only had a generic SMTP error message. So, I fired up telnet and tested our SMTP connection using these commands:

o smtp.psadmin.io
mail from:ps@psadmin.io
rcpt to:user@psadmin.io
Test Email

When we first tested send emails through the SMTP server, we received an “Unable to relay for user@psadmin.io” error. That’s much more descriptive and a useful message to send to the Exchange administrators.