#303 – Portal Registry Migrations

The PeopleSoft Administrator Podcast hosted by Dan Iverson and Kyle Benson

This week on the podcast, Kyle talks about challenges with migrating PeopleSoft Portal Registry objects, getting free OCI training and certification, and some tips for making SQL Developer faster.

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#132 – Works Like Magic

This week on the podcast, Dan shares a Vagrant plugin to help with Root Certificates and a change to WebLogic certifications with 8.56. Then Kyle and Dan discuss running VERSION and how to deal with bad cache.

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#22 – PeopleSoft on the Cloud

This week we talk about their system branding, share a great tip on customizing VERSION, and even discuss PeopleTools 8.56. Then, we dive into running PeopleSoft on the Cloud.

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VERSION Run Control Options

I have to keep looking this up, so I’m writing it down to make it easier to find next time! There are three modes for the VERSION app engine:

  • Report Mode
    Evaluates the VERSION counters and reports any changes needed; does not change data.
  • Classic Mode
    Resets all the VERSION counters to their starting value (1)
  • Enhanced Mode
    The default mode – it will “advance VERSION counters in a preditable manner” according to Oracle Support.

The name of your run control is how you change the behavior of the VERSION app engine.

  • Report Mode: REPORTONLYxxx – The run control must start with the REPORTONLY value (not case-sensitive)
  • Classic Mode: RESETVERSIONSxxx – The run control must start with the RESETVERSIONS value (not case-sensitive)
  • Enhanced Mode: Any value other than the two above will trigger Enhanced Mode

There is much more to running VERSION, but I’ll save that for another post.