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Reconnect 2016 – Day 2

Day 2 at Reconnect featured an Oracle Keynote and a bunch of deep dive sessions. Here is a quick overview.

Oracle PeopleSoft Product Line Update

  • The format was a discussion between Marc Weintraub and Paco Aubrejuan.
  • Even with all the cloud talk, no change in commitment to PeopleSoft.
  • Support for 9.1 ends Jan 2018, won’t be extended again.
  • Discussed different options with Cloud. Example, move demo\dev first.
  • Paco guessing 50% of customers at Reconnect will be in the cloud in 5 years.
  • Discussed PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture.
  • Talked about a new offering coming soon – Cloud Manager.
  • This will be a Self Service interface for doing psadmin type tasks
    • Deployments, Refreshes, Start, Stop, Clear cache, etc
  • Should be coming to 8.55
  • Selection Adoption discussion
  • Confirmed they use Scrum internally to develop and deliver images
  • We should see the size of images stabilizing now with this approach.
  • Discussion on Fluid.
  • Pushing more Related Content.
  • Confirmed again that Elasticsearch is coming soon.
  • Marc and Paco mentioned “cloud” 66 times.

PeopleSoft Technology Roadmap

  • This was given by Jeff Robbins
  • Similar to Paco’s talk
  • A lot more Cloud talk
  • Did show a screenshot of Cloud Manager – looks very nice, sorry no pic.
  • Fluid big on Homepages, Tiles and Personalization options.
  • NavBar now remembers where you were when you return.
  • Idea not just putting a Fluid stylesheet on, but refactoring for Fluid.
  • Simplified Analytics discussion.
  • Search and analytic line is blurring.
  • Rushed through some LCM and Security talk.

Leveraging PeopleSoft Test Framework to Minimize the Time to Test

  • How NYU Langone uses PTF to help with Selective Adoption.
  • Get a list of your manual test scripts first.
  • Do a PTF “project” before or after your upgrade project – not during.
  • Focus on tests that effect casual users.
  • Some power users like to do all manual testing. Let them if they can handle it.
  • Blank out field defaults when recording.
  • Documentation is key for your test scripts.
  • Layout a plan before you record.
  • Cannot simulate drag and drop.
  • They run in UAT, as well as dev and system test.
  • PI releases also tend to include Tools and middleware patching.
  • Not using Usage Monitor yet – leveraging normal compare reports, etc to determine testing needs.
  • About 40% of test scripts in PTF.

Continuously Upgrade: Are they crazy? No, actually it’s really clever!

  • Mark and Wendy from NYU Langone chat Selective Adoption.
  • They had a clever Tetris theme for their presentation.
  • Business and IT working together key.
  • More of an agile approach, versus waterfall.
  • Getting current with images 4 times a year.
  • Turned capital costs into operational costs.
  • Estimated to save them 70% versus old upgrade methods.
  • CFO tool will compare features from image to image.
  • PTF was a big deal for them.
  • HR and FIN teams have their own sprint schedules.

Oracle’s Investment in PeopleSoft Fluid UI Technology

  • Oracle’s David Bain talks Fluid
  • Fluid not just mobile, it is UX.
  • Getting reports that power users resistant to new navigation, casual users love it.
  • Multiple paths to access content, users can choose their own path.
  • Quick navigation from anywhere.
  • Homepages are role based, everyone gets a My Homepage.
  • Tiles are crefs, not pagelets.
  • Their primary job is navigation
  • Put anything in a tile
    • Component
    • iScript
    • External Source
    • Pivot Grid
    • NavCollections
  • There is a Tile wizard now
  • Activity Guides key in refactoring classic components into Fluid.
  • Native notifications can be setup via Oracle Mobile App Framework.
  • You get a restricted use license for MAF with PeopleSoft.
  • Fluid can be used in Interaction Hub
  • Can be a blend of tiles and homepages from multiple apps.
  • Page Designer is coming – data driven Fluid page design.
  • Guided branding is a wizard to help with branding – only in IH.
  • Fluid standards DocID 2063602.1
  • Fluid UI best Practices DocID 2136404.1

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    1. Same to you! Literally just got home an hour ago. Flight delayed all night, then cancelled. What a nightmare…but the conference was great! Day 3 summary coming soon 😃

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