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#222 – Cloud Manager 10 Review

This week on the podcast, Graham Smith joins Dan to talk about passwords and Cloud Manager 10. We discuss the new installation process, the use of Terraform and the File Storage System, and improvements to building environments.

> Watch our video on installing Cloud Manager using the OCI Resource Manager <

Show Notes

  • Password Complexity @ 1:30
  • Cloud Manager 10 Review
    • Cloud Manager Audiences @ 9:30
    • Installation via Resource Manager @ 16:00
    • Terraform as a first class citizen @ 20:00
    • OCI File Storage System @ 26:00
    • Self-Updating @ 27:30
    • Cloning Environments @ 31:30
    • Managing Nodes @ 35:30
    • Windows Support @ 39:00
    • Importing Environments @ 42:45
    • CM Wishlist @ 44:30

2 thoughts on “#222 – Cloud Manager 10 Review”

  1. Forcing users to use uppercase, lowercase, special characters, digits expand the possible characters in the character set from 26 to 70+. This greatly increases the permutations for a password and requires a machine to cycle through that many more combinations … That is the benefit of making those characters required

    1. Hi Mark – no disagreement with you there. Complex passwords are a good thing. Our issue with CM is that it doesn’t validate the passwords up front for meeting the complexity requirements. It waits until the installers fail before letting you know, and that wastes effort and debugging time. I think there are some big improvements around password management that could be added to CM that get us both better passwords and ease of use.

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