#291 – Mystery Indexes

This week on the podcast, Dan shares his investigation into a mystery index that was crashing his Elasticsearch instances and Kyle and Dan discuss if COBOL is a problem for PeopleTools.

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#279 – psvault Validation

This week on the podcast, Kyle shares how to validate psvault’s new keys, and Dan and Kyle discuss using Branding for different environments and roles, and PeopleTools 8.59 certifications.

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#276 – LDAP Browser

This week on the podcast, Dan discusses a great LDAP tool to help with troubleshooting, Kyle and Dan discuss some Idea Space changes and also share a great Excel-to-CI training video.

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#228 – Health Center 8.58

This week on the podcast, Dan shares his experience with the new VisualCOBOL compiler and how to reorder Signon PeopleCode. Kyle shares his first impressions with the new Health Center in PeopleTools 8.58.

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#170 – A Buggy Podcast

This week on the podcast, Dan and Kyle share some recent bugs they dealt with and possible workarounds. Kyle also laments to de-support of the COBOL DPK for non-cloud customers.

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#149 – Anatomy of a Search

This week on the podcast, Kyle gives some suggestions on how to make dynamic links to other PeopleSoft homepages and Dan dives into what happens when you perform a search with Elasticsearch.

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#78 – Cloud Manager and Certifications w/ Mark Hoernemann

This week Mark Hoernemann joins us to talk about platform certifications with PeopleTools. Mark explains how the PeopleTools team determines what platforms to support and how the support policies work. Then Mark gives us more details on the PeopleSoft Cloud Manager.

Show Notes

  • Bringing App Engine to an SQR Discussion @ :45
  • Overriding Facter Facts @ 5:00
  • COBOL DPK and Unicode @ 7:45
  • Mark Hoernemann Interview @ 9:30
    • Deciding what platforms to support @ 11:45
    • SQL Server 2016 certification @ 15:30
    • Why platforms are dropped from support @ 18:00
    • Supporting frequent browser releases @ 20:00
    • 8.56 certification changes @ 24:00
    • Cloud Manager @ 24:45
    • Self Service Environment Administration @ 28:30
    • Getting Started with Cloud Manager @ 29:45
    • Building environments with Cloud Manager @ 37:00
    • Applying PeopleTools patches when provisioning environments @ 40:15
    • New PeopleTools features between releases @ 43:30

#74 – Killing COBOL

This week on the podcast, Kyle and Dan talk about planning PeopleTools and Catch-up projects, BI Publisher security, and how to turn off excessive BI Publisher logging. We also talk about slowly killing COBOL with PeopleSoft (it’s not dead yet) and using multiple Change Assistant installations.

Show Notes

#60 – PeopleSoft Test Framework 101

This week on the podcast, Dan tries a different Remote Desktop tool, using RSS feeds to monitor PeopleSoft data and comparing SQL Explain Plans with SQL Developer. Then Kyle gives a great overview of the PeopleSoft Test Framework and what you need to know before using it.

Show Notes

#45 – Go-Live Weekends

This week Dan talks about his 8.55 Go-Live weekend, simplifying patch download with getMOSPatch, and using Kyle’s Maintenance Backdoor. Then Kyle and Dan discuss strategies and tips to make Go-Live weekends successful.

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